Dr. Mojtaba Kaviani, Associate Professor

Dr. Mojtaba Kaviani


Huggins Science Hall, Room 428

Telephone: 902-585-1884

Fax: 902-585-1637

Email: mojtaba.kaviani@acadiau.ca



University of Saskatchewan (PhD)

Shahid Beheshti University (Master of Science in Exercise Physiology)

Shiraz University (Bachelor of Science)


Courses (2023-2024)

Nutr 1323 (Human Nutrition 2)

Nutr 3013 (Nutrition and Health Research)

Nutr 3533 (Sports Nutrition)

Nutr 3933 (Advanced Sports Nutrition)

Nutr 4903 (Senior Seminar)




  • Macronutrient manipulations and sport performance
  • Sport supplements and recovery
  • Sport bars and drinks for endurance, strength, and power
  • Functional food and weight loss
  • Glycemic control and diabetes
  • Active aging strategies


Teaching Interests

  • Human nutrition
  • Sport nutrition
  • Advanced sport nutrition
  • Strength & conditioning programming