Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (with second major in Chemistry)

Students must complete the program as outlined below.  Additionally, a minimum program GPA of 2.0 is required to graduate and all courses offered towards Nutrition and Chemistry requirements must each be completed with a minimum C- grade.  Please note:  Students in the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (Dietetics option) with second major in Chemistry will not be able to complete all requirements in 4 years.

Nutrition core: Nutr 1313, Nutr 1323, Nutr 1333, Nutr 1343, Nutr 2013, Nutr 2023, Nutr 2323, Nutr 3023, Nutr 3513, Nutr 4123,  Nutr 4223, Nutr 4533, Nutr 4903 (39h)

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (with second major in Chemistry)

1. The nutrition core (39h)

2. All of the following: Biol 1813, Biol 2053, Biol 2813, Biol 2823, Chem 1013, Chem 1023, Chem 2513, Chem 2713, Psyc 1013, Psyc 1023 (30h)

3. 6h from: Math 1253 and Math 2243 OR 2253

4. 18h additional Chem (Chem 1053 cannot be used for major or minor credit)

5. 3h Nutr elective

6. 6h selected from English, Art at the 1000-level, Classics, Comparative Religion, a single language other than English, History, Music (not applied, vocal or instrumental methods, or practical studies), Philosophy, Theology (Theo 3013/3023, Bibl 2013/2023, Gree 3013/3023), or Women's and Gender Studies

7. 6h from the Faculty of Arts

8.12h university electives

9. A minor, 12h in one subject other than Nutrition, with a minimum grade of C- in each course.