Prof. Sarah Campbell Bligh, Lecturer


St. Francis Xavier University, M.Ad.Ed candidate

Acadia University (Bachelor of Science in Nutrition)

Professional Dietitian


Courses (2017-2018)

Nutr 3543 (Nutrition Education)

Nutr 3713 (Introduction to Communication)

Nutr 3723 (Principles of Nutritional Assessment)

Nutr 4023 (Management in Dietetics 2)

Nutr 4903 (Senior Seminar)


Current Research and Teaching Interests

  • Arts-based approaches to dietetic education and nutrition education, particularly the use of narrative
  • Professional socialization of dietetic students and new practitioners
  • Development and learning needs of nutrition educators
  • External influences on consumer food behaviours
  • Maternal, infant, and child health; family feeding relationships/dynamics

My background as both nutrition educator and a dietetic preceptor has developed my interest in helping students gain insight into the nature of nutrition counselling and education, as well as the complexities of the client-practitioner relationship. Experiences with chronic disease management and consumer education as well as work with families, media, industry, and community-based organizations, have also helped shape my teaching and research interests.