Dr. Matt McSweeney

Photo of Dr. Matt McSweeney

Assistant Professor and Director of the Centre for the Sensory Research of Food

Huggins Science Hall, Room 421

Telephone: 902-585-1230

Fax: 902-585-1637

Email: matthew.mcsweeney@acadiau.ca



University of Guelph (PhD)

University of Guelph (Bachelor of Science with Honours, major Food Science)


COURSES (2017-2018):

Nutr 2333 (Understanding Food Science)

Nutr 4223 (Sensory Evaluation of Food) and labs

Nutr 4733 (Food Product Development) and lab



  • The production of low GI food products and their sensory characteristics
  • Sensory evaluation of new health food products and investigation of health claims' interaction on consumer's liking of a product
  • Investigating the connection between satiety and sensory properties of food
  • Working with local food companies to help produce new and interesting food products
  • Evaluate local consumer trends and what drives their liking of food products using new and innovative methodology



  • I am interested in teaching students what characteristics drive their liking of foods and furthering their knowledge of food products by helping them to create their own product.