Centre for the Sensory Research of Food


The Centre for the Sensory Research of Food at Acadia University provides opportunities to the food industry for developing and reformulating products. Sensory analysis measures the human senses including taste, texture, appearance and smell in a controlled environment. Sensory evaluation is essential for developing new products and assessing product characteristics. We can help to ensure consumer satisfaction and market success. We design questionnaires, recruit consumers, conduct sensory tests and work with the food industry on sensory studies. Whether it is a brand new product or a product that has been on grocery store’s shelves for years, we can help.



The Centre uses the Compusense® computerized sensory evaluation program for rapid computation of sensory data. Tests are conducted in a 9-booth fully computerized sensory evaluation facility. Over 200 m2 of space is available for food preparation. We have experience in a broad range of products and utilizing many different sensory analysis methods.


The Range of Methods

The Centre offers a wide range of methods including discriminatory and consumer tests, focus groups to rapid analysis testing. Both central location and in-home tests can be done.


Human Resources

We maintain a database of consumers, which can be screened to meet your test objectives. Undergraduate nutrition and dietetics students, knowledgeable in the methods of sensory science, form the core of the part-time employees.



The Centre for the Sensory Research of Food is located in Huggins Science Hall within the School of Nutrition and Dietetics at Acadia University.