Dr. Matt McSweeney

Assistant Professor and Director of the Centre for the Sensory Research of Food


University of Guelph (PhD)

University of Guelph (Bachelor of Science with Honours, major Food Science)


Courses (2017-2018)

Nutr 2333 (Understanding Food Science)

Nutr 4223 (Sensory Evaluation of Food) and labs

Nutr 4733 (Food Product Development) and labs



  • The production of low GI food products and their sensory characteristics
  • Sensory evaluation of new health food products and investigation of health claims' interaction on consumer's liking of a product
  • Investigating the connection between satiety and sensory properties of food
  • Working with local food companies to help produce new and interesting food products
  • Evaluate local consumer trends and what drives their liking of food products using new and innovative methodology


Teaching Interests

  • I am interested in teaching students what characteristics drive their liking of foods and furthering their knowledge of food products by helping them to create their own product.