Prof. Connie Foote, Instructor II


Mount Saint Vincent University (Master of Applied Human Nutrition)

Acadia University (Bachelor of Science in Nutrition)

Professional Dietitian


Courses (2020-2021)

Nutr 1343 (Food Commodities 2)

Nutr 3553 (Professional Practice in Dietetics)

Nutr 4033 (Dietetic Practicum 1)

Nutr 4043 (Dietetic Practicum 2)


Research and Teaching interests

My experience in Food Service Management, Sensory Evaluation of Foods, eighteen years of teaching at Acadia and Private Nutrition Consulting have created a strong desire to help students identify the connections between food and nutrition. Professionalism, Ethics and their importance for students preparing to enter dietetic internship/practicum programs and dietetic practice are also a strong interest of mine.