Kitchen Wizards project (Food Commodities)


The Kitchen Wizards is an exciting eight-week program held twice a week in the fall for children at the Wolfville Farmers' Market.  It aims to enthuse and empower young people, especially those 6-12 years old, to enjoy local fruits and vegetables.

Children who have signed up for the no-cost program will receive a passport and are encouraged to come to the market as often as they can to taste and learn about a new fruit or vegetable.  After tasting the samples prepared by students from the School of Nutrition and Dietetics at Acadia University, they will get a stamp on their passport.  They are then given a $3.00 token that they can use to 'purchase' any fresh fruit or vegetable of their choice from the market!

The tasting samples are made from the featured fruit or veggie of the day and prepared by students who are enrolled in the 'Food Commodities 1' course. The hope is that tasting a food commodity in a simple and delicious recipe will inspire the children to use the token to purchase the food they have tasted and try the recipe at home.  The young people and all interested market-goers will also be encouraged to take home a copy of the featured recipe.

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